A Day in the Life at UNMC

UNMC: The U.S. Varsity

Maybe it’s just an accidental headline, and nothing more. Maybe this is just the way they talk in India. Still, the words we use mean something, even when we don’t know it. And so, the way The New Indian Express, an English-language newspaper and website, summed things up recently said it all: “US Varsity comes forward to assist state government in water management.” It’s fair… Continue Reading

Power Wheels to Makeshift Power Wheelchairs


The idea of modifying cars is not a new one. Just look at reality shows like “Trick My Truck.”  But the concept of adapting toy cars for children with disabilities? Now, that’s novel. That’s exactly what happened at the Center for Healthy Living last month. Fifty area physical therapists broke out the power tools and listened to national early mobility expert Cole Galloway, Ph.D., from… Continue Reading