A Day in the Life at UNMC

Surprise, you’re Radiologic Technologist of the Year!

Everyone but Tammy Jones, assistant professor in the radiation science technology division in the School of Allied Health Professions, knew that she was going to be named Nebraska Society of Radiologic Technologists 2013 Radiologic Technologist of the Year. Everyone. Who knew? “My students,” Jones said. “The faculty.” Everybody. Meanwhile, she had no idea. She was there, in Kearney, for the NSRT annual conference. When the build-up to the big award started, she sat there, with no clue. But after a while, the nomination letters describing… Continue Reading

Dr. Vandenberg: Working on his knight moves

Ed Vandenberg, M.D., associate professor in the department of internal medicine, division of geriatrics and gerontology, knows the power of knights. Their suits of armor. Their codes of honor. The way lances and swords hold sway over our imagination. Their very names are magical, mythical: Sir Paul McCartney; Sir Lancelot; Sir Mix-A-Lot. Knights! And so he annually gives a lecture before an auditorium of students while wearing a gleaming helm. But in the dressing room before striding out, he is apprehensive. When did this get… Continue Reading

Hustling for Hunger

By John Keenan, UNMC Today editor I used to race for fun, back when I was young and (relatively)  fast. These days, however, I run road races much less frequently, and prefer to race (if you can even call it “racing” anymore”) for a reason. On April 19, for example, I took part in UNMC’s Hustle for Hunger, a three-mile run/walk designed to collect donations of canned and boxed foods for the Food Bank. I was looking for a short race to run near the… Continue Reading