A Day in the Life at UNMC

Tammy and Olivia

Tammy Kielian, Ph.D., turned to the computer in her office and pulled up a picture of a young girl with glasses, with a sunbeam of a smile, the kind that reaches into your chest. It’s pixelized sunshine; a picture of childhood joy. “This is Olivia,” Dr. Kielian said. Dr. Kielian, a professor of pathology and microbiology in the College of Medicine, beamed a little herself. “She’s a pistol,” Dr. Kielian said, then stopped, and looked at the picture again. This is why she works now…. Continue Reading

Observations in the DOC

A few Fridays ago, I headed up the hill for lunch with plans of assembling a healthy salad just a few hours prior to my glucose test for gestational diabetes and routine doctor’s appointment. That was before I found out it was “create your own mac and cheese” day. Salad, schmalad. I got in line for the M&C. As I shoved my face full of macaroni until I could see only Styrofoam, it never occurred to me that this might have an effect on my… Continue Reading

These threads are tight (and skin-tight)

Hmm. If only there was some way you could show off both your post-UNMC Winter Decathlon physique AND your pride in working at one of the country’s top academic health science centers. If only. Hmmmmmmmm. … Wait, how about team-UNMC workout/bike jerseys and cycling shorts? No, something that cool would never happen. Oh, wait – yes it did! And these are some cool threads (or, you know, whatever it is they use to make lightweight, wicking, QUICKDRY fabric). The red, black and white are striking,… Continue Reading