A Day in the Life at UNMC

UNMC security: The day the helicopter crashed


Jan. 20, 1988, was the day the helicopter crashed at the med center. UNMC security officer John Ingraham had just gotten home. He received a page. He remembers, it was just after 4. An Associated Press report from the next day said it was just after 5. When he got back to campus, the “ship” was still burning. It was still in flames. “One of the rotors flew like 90 feet,” he said. Luckily, everyone had gotten out OK. It was a cold day. Such… Continue Reading

The Dagefordes’ ‘extreme green, game-changing’ house

“I cooled my house this summer for the price of a Big Mac,” Karen Dageforde said. That gets your attention right? It should. And considering the house Karen Dageforde cooled was a 2,869-square foot  ranch-style house on an acreage northwest of Omaha, it should really get your attention. Oh, and actually it cost a less than a Big Mac to cool the house. Presently Big Mac’s go for a little more than $4 in the U.S. It cost Karen Dageforde and her husband, Darren Dageforde,… Continue Reading

UNMC is all over China

You just never know where that UNMC secondary icon will show up. (EDITOR’S NOTE: Excellent use of a proper branding term. Ten points for Gryffindor!) . Yes, that’s the Great Wall in the background. And the Forbidden City: OK, I’m sure you’ve guessed that I planted that backpack. Maybe our icon isn’t all over China. Our reputation, however, definitely is growing. And UNMC leaders are all over the potential for the growth of our partnerships in China. Relationships are an important part of that. And it’s hard… Continue Reading