A Day in the Life at UNMC

Happily ever after, a UNMC romantic comedy

Paul Paulman, M.D., says everybody stand back!

Tao Li, M.D., couldn’t believe his luck. He’d gone to the Student Life Center, to get his picture taken, for his UNMC ID badge. And there, also getting her ID, was a beautiful girl. And she smiled at him. That smile! Had another woman in the history of the world ever smiled like that? “It’s really a sunshine smile,” he said the other day, dreamily,… Continue Reading

UNMC Security: Joel and the snake

UNMC has had a menagerie. “We’ve had a variety of animals on campus,” said UNMC security officer John Ingraham. “We’ve had turkeys. Deer. We’ve of course had raccoons.” Of course. “Skunks. Possum. We’ve had ducks.” But none of that compares to the time Joel Schuldt stared down the snake. It was kind of an autumn day. A little cool, but not cold. It was nice,… Continue Reading

Why I give to the United Way

Today I’d like to introduce my blog family to one of my actual family members. Meet my Aunt Donna. Aunt Donna has Multiple Sclerosis, or MS for short. We’ve been close all my life. She’s my Godmother, my seamstress and was my pen pal all through college (yes, we wrote actual letters). Over the years, whenever I would ask how’s she was doing, she never… Continue Reading