A Day in the Life at UNMC

The (Ahem) Flu Shot

There are lots of reasons people don’t get flu shots. Reason #1: Because one time, their second cousin’s Grandma’s mailman got the flu from the flu shot.  As UNMC’s infectious disease specialist Dr. Mark Rupp will tell you, this is one of many flu shot fables. Consider Dr. Rupp one of these guys: And Reason #2 through lots: Needles = Painful. Therefore, no thanks! Well,… Continue Reading

Dr. Haorah and the tiger

There was a tiger in the night, but Dr. Haorah's buffalo protected him. And his father promised it would never hurt him.

Researchers at UNMC like to tout the odd jobs they held before they became academic elites. Forklift operator. Punk rocker. James Haorah, Ph.D., associate professor in the department of pharmacology and experimental neuroscience, was a buffalo herder. In the remote Ukhrul district (you can’t even find his home village, Khamasom, on Google maps) of northeast India, he was a full-fledged cowboy when he was just… Continue Reading

Reach out and touch someone in Living Anatomy

Dr. Binhammer finds what he's looking for.

In case you were wondering whether Living Anatomy might have any relevance beyond medicine and academics, Robert Binhammer, Ph.D., offers up a real-life lesson in CSI. Anatomy can easily tell investigators the difference between homicide and suicide, Dr. Binhammer said. You see, strangling results in fracture of the hyoid bone, while hanging does not. The broken hyoid will be noticed in the autopsy. So, you… Continue Reading