A Day in the Life at UNMC

Shopping brings UNMC, Tongji University together

Last October, I was in Xi’an, China with campus leaders to report on UNMC’s activity in the world’s largest nation. It was our last dinner at the invitation of our Chinese hosts. The very large round table we sat at overflowed with tasty dishes. After dinner our hosts made toasts and we reciprocated. I mustered all my public-speaking courage (I’m a writer, not a public speaker), stood up, raised my glass and thanked our hosts for the incredible hospitality during our stay. I said if… Continue Reading

A museum with a bite

2012_09_12 dental museum 009

My son has told me that the tooth fairy turns teeth into money. Maybe. Or maybe, many of them ended up here, at the UNMC College of Dentistry’s Dental Museum. Teeth. Everywhere, teeth. And fillings, and molds, and drills, and tools and dentists’ chairs that go back to the 1800s. (“Did you sit in the chairs?!” asked UNMC Today editor Chuck Brown, a little too excitedly. No. They all had signs that said, “Please do not sit in chairs.” And also, what if I’d been… Continue Reading

Dr. Haorah goes to school

Dr. Haorah's home village in the remote northeast part of India doesn't even show up on Google maps, but it is close to the district capital, Ukhrul.

When James Haorah was 11 years and 5 months old, a Catholic priest walked for seven miles to get to the village in remote northeast India where young James lived. It was a momentous day, and the priest was feted with great fanfare. This was partly a sign of deep respect, for a visiting dignitary, and partly because something this exciting didn’t happen every day. What did happen every day was that people worked. All day, growing rice, vegetables, livestock. They gathered water, and firewood,… Continue Reading

Some help through a sad birthday

I’m out of the office today celebrating my 30th birthday. Exactly four years ago on this day, I didn’t have much to celebrate. I spent the morning of my 26th birthday on the fourth floor of Swanson Hall here at UNMC, in tears. It was 2008. Just two weeks prior to that day, I was expecting a baby. A miscarriage at seven weeks took away my mother-to-be title. Never having had the chance to share the good news with my family (we were waiting until… Continue Reading

M1 Caleb Baber: Unbroken stride

Caleb Baber surrounded by kids on a mission trip to India. He hadn't yet received his second prosthetic leg.

Hear the story of Caleb Baber, M1, and it’s tough to fight the lump in your throat: How he was shocked with 69,000 volts and almost died; how he spent 59 days in a burn unit and lost both legs just below the knees … and then made a mission trip to India, ran a 5K on prosthetics, went snowboarding, enrolled in the latest med school class at UNMC. He survived it all and came out the other side, still running – it’s inspiring. But he… Continue Reading