A Day in the Life at UNMC

Dr. Cornish: "Up your nose with a rubber hose"

Little known fact: Back in the '70s, it was Dr. Cornish who first gave Vinnie Barbarino the famous catchphrase "up your nose with a rubber hose."

Kurtis Cornish, Ph.D., sat at the front of a classroom in Wittson Hall wearing the expression of a man who knows what’s coming. Still, he insists it is no big deal to have a nasogastric (NG) tube snaked up his nose, down his throat and into his stomach. That – showing how little a deal it really is – was the whole point of this exercise. “He swallows about 40 NG tubes in three days,” said Patti Carstens, program manager for the Clinical Skills Center… Continue Reading

John’s Real Stories of UNMC Security

John Ingraham

John Ingraham has been a UNMC security officer since 1978. Yes, there’s a lot of routine and repetition involved. But he’s also had his life threatened over parking tickets. He’s seen some pretty crazy things. And he exercised with Richard Simmons (that guy has crazy energy). He snuck Robert Redford in the back door (OK, the man is handsome; but, come on, he’s not THAT handsome). And he visited sick kids with Mr. T (I pity the fool who doesn’t think Mr. T has a… Continue Reading

My 2.5 hour icebreaker

A couple times a year, the Public Relations department gathers for a “retreat” to evaluate how we’re doing, map out our big ideas for the year, and strategize our communication efforts. Before we get down to the nitty gritty, we typically do a team-building exercise or an icebreaker. For example, in the past we’ve done Minute To Win It games. and more recently, Mindbender Mansion at the Durham Museum. The teams are usually arranged so that those who don’t work together as often have a… Continue Reading