A Day in the Life at UNMC

Making the Most of Museum Memberships

Just for working here, employees at UNMC get free admission to the Durham and Joslyn Art Museums. That’s an F, followed by an R and two Es — everyone’s favorite four-letter word. Sure, my family has taken advantage of this a few times. Once – being the overeager parents that we are – my husband and I took our 1-year-old daughter to “Family Day” at… Continue Reading

A man for all symptoms

Standardized patient Gary Javitch gives a masterful performance while being examined by physician assistant student Megan Punt.

JERRY: What’s with the fake sneezing? KRAMER: Yeah, we’re going down to Mt. Sinai Hospital. See they hire actors to help the students practice diagnosing. MICKEY: They assign you a specific disease and you act out the symptoms. It’s an easy gig. JERRY: Do medical schools actually do this? KRAMER: Well, the better ones. Alright, let’s practice retching. Gary Javitch goes over his woes: “I’ve… Continue Reading

White Coat Capes

It was a simple task, really. Hand out programs to those attending the Distinguished Scientist ceremony in May. “How hard can this be?” I thought to myself. That was before I tried to check my e-mail on my iPhone during a lull, and hold the programs at the same time. All 62 ended up on the floor. I bent over to pick them up and… Continue Reading