Epic Fail? Not on our watch. . .

We all knew it was coming.   It is remarkable how two small words – Go Live – can inspire such anxiety.  Before you start rethinking the use of aersolized midazolam in pre-op, remember there are many resources available to help work through the glitches.   All superusers may be identified by their red hats.  These red hats provide guidance to all of perioperative services.  They can also issue “tickets” to IT.  Our department has two dedicated super-users:  Kaitlyn Pellegrino and Ben Jones.  You can contact them via… Continue Reading

Welcome New Residents!

I’m not sure if you noticed but it is July. Again. Every year it approaches in stealth.  One moment you are complaining about the cold and the snow and will-it -ever-be-warm-again?   The next, it is 102 degrees outside and you ask yourself. . . . . Who are all of these new people?  It’s time to welcome the newest members of our UNMC Anesthesiology family.   We have 12 CA-1s starting this July.  Some you have seen around as students and some are new to UNMC.  Here… Continue Reading


This past weekend was eventful for UNMC Anesthesiology. Not only did we match 11 outstanding candidates (more on that later), but had an outstanding showing at the Midwest Anesthesia Resident’s Conference.  A little background.  The MARC is the third largest anesthesia conference held in the United States. It sits behind only the ASA conference in October and the PGA in New York in December. Depending on the year, attendance may exceed the PGA. Residents may submit case reports or original research for presentation. All presentations are… Continue Reading