Copying a previous pre-op

For our patients who return for repeated procedures, it can be onerous to fill in the pre-evaluation from scratch.  There is a way to pre-populate this area with the previous evaluation.

Clicking this button will copy the previous history/ROS to your current pre-evaluation.  At this point you can review the information and update with any changes to history and exam.  This is a tremendous time saver for those quick repetitive procedures.

Yes. Still here. . .

It’s Monday and hopefully everyone has taken the weekend to recover.  As you may have noticed, Epic is still here.  I think we can safely say it is here to stay.   Yet how much smoother did this Monday go than last? 

We are making progress.

Information continues to be added to the Wiki.  Thank you to all contributors!  Remember if you have information or an update on a topic please add it to the Wiki.  We have also created a folder in the Wiki folder for helpful pdfs from the hospital OneChart blog.  

As a side note, the term Wiki may confuse some and I apologize if you are not familiar.  A bit of clarification: 

wi·ki/ˈwikē/  Noun:  A Web site developed collaboratively by a community of users, allowing any user to add and edit content.

Although our file is not technically a website, the intent is the same.  It is a collection of our community’s knowledge.  Let’s keep it growing.

Customizing your Order Sets


  1. Open a patient chart and click the orders button along the top
  2. Scroll down and open the Order Set you want to edit by checking the box and then clicking the “Open order set” button (in red) – There may be some suggested order sets as shown below. If not, you can search for each of them in the search bar and then after you select each of them, right click and select “add to favorites”
  3. After you open the Order set, there will be a black hyperlink that says “manage user order sets” click on this hyperlink
  4. Click the “save defaults” hyperlink
  5. Make your preferences!  You can change frequency of vitals, medication dosages, anything!

For more complete instructions with screen shots please check out the Epic Wikki file on the J-drive.  Thanks to everyone for contributing to the Wikki. 

Thanks to Kaitlyn Pellegrino for this tip.