Adding Devices for ECTs

There is not automatic device association in the isolation room for ECT.  For all PACU pt’s the RN’s have to add a device and then remove it for each pt that gets assigned in any bay.  The same goes for the isolation rooms in which the ECTs are performed.  To add the device:

  1. Look at the neuron in the room and its designation.  (In the ECT room it is NMC 2CPACU-isol17).
  2. Choose Device and Add New in the Intra-op tab.  Choose GE solar 2Cpacu isol-17 and choose the data you wish to Validate and then add.

Also of note, besides removing the device from the pt at the end of the case you would want to discharge them from the GE solar monitor.  This will prevent the possibility of any previous data being pulled from an earlier pt into the current pt’s record. 

Thanks to Dr. Birch for this tip.

When all else fails. . .

After exhausting all options for entering in One Chart, if you must use a paper record (ie: MRI), please do the following when the case is finished:

Pens: Ancient instruments used for placing marks on paper.

1 .Make a photocopy of the Anesthesia record and put it in the envelope with your narcs for Pharmacy.

2. Let the RT’s know (or give to them) the pink copy of the Anesthesia record and the green sheet for the hospital billing.

3. Send the yellow copy of the Anesthesia record to Melinda in the Anesthesia office in an intercampus envelope. She will send it to the billers.

The white/ original record will stay with the patient.

Thanks to Dr. Ellis for this tip.

Documenting Incision Time

Officially, the OR nurses will document incision time but many providers would like to indicate skin incision on their anesthesia record as well. This event does not appear under our general events menu but is easy to find. Until it is added to the general events tab, you can find it as follows:

1. Click Events.
2. Click L&D.
3. Click Skin Incision.

Special thanks to Dr. Miketic for pointing this tip out.