School of Allied Health Professions

December Commencement

The UNMC College of Medicine Commencement Ceremonies last Friday included a first for the Division of Physician Assistant Education. Four graduates earning their Master of PA Studies degrees through the SAHP Degree Advancement Option made their first visit to Omaha to receive their degree.

The MPAS degree curriculum was developed to allow clinically practicing PAs who possess an undergraduate degree to achieve a master’s degree through online graduate courses and supervising clinical practice at their place of employment. 

(L-R) Melvin Oxendine II, Lushunda Hurst, James Adams, and Gayle Sakaguchi.

The PA graduates were Melvin Oxendine II from Florida, Lushunda Hurst from California, James Adams from Texas and Gayle Sakaguchi from Georgia. Mr. Oxendine II wrote back to say, “The ceremony was beautiful and I’m very glad to have been a part of it. The people of Omaha are fantastic and everyone is very friendly, I was very pleased. We truly had a great time!”

PA Faculty Continue Leadership at PAEA

At the recent Physician Assistant Education Association Education Forum in Seattle, UNMC PA Program faculty wielded their expertise and experience in helping to lead the organization. Stephane VanderMeulen continues to serve in her elected position as a member of the Board of Directors, and Patty Scholting serves on the Governance Committee, both actively involved in meetings throughout the forum. Darwin Brown returned as a speaker for the certificate program for Clinical Coordinators and was newly appointed to the Conference Curriculum Committee.